Application areas of our impact moles

  • Cable laying, e.g. expansion of a fiber-optic network
  • Steel protection tubes for gas, water, waste water and power lines
  • Laying of pressure pipelines
  • Tunneling under:
    • Roads and motorways – without disrupting traffic
    • Industrial complexes, halls and facilities
    • Tight places and other surface-level obstructions
    • Runways
    • Gardens
  • Installing building connection lines
  • Drilling in steep slopes
  • Pipe laying in water-bearing subsoil
  • Foundation drilling, foundations on bored piles
  • Small well pipes
  • Creating blind boreholes

If soil displacement is not possible, ESSIG impact moles can be used as dynamic pipe ramming systems when laying new supply lines.


  • Valuable surfaces do not have to be broken open and laboriously restored (e.g. streets, sidewalks, gardens). Time, effort and costs are reduced significantly.
  • Soil displacement prevents the surfaces from sinking.
  • Efficiency: Construction times are reduced as a result of the rapid laying of pipes.
  • Smaller excavations cause fewer traffic obstructions – or none whatsoever.
  • Reduced site traffic results in less noise.
  • No fees for the temporary storage of excavated material.